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Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Enamel Pins by Pin Makers

Custom Enamel Pins

Soft enamel lapel pins are our most popular pin style. These die struck pins start out from a roll of copper, brass or steel, and are struck using a die that is created from your design, leaving an impression in the metal. This impression that defines the image on the face of your pin, which then receives enamel paint colors in, which are applied one at a time and let to dry individually. Once the enamel paint is dried, your custom pins undergo an electroplating process where they receive a high quality plating such as 10K gold, silver, copper, brass or black metal. After plating, your soft enamel pins can receive a clear epoxy coating (dome) to protect the colors, or simply as an aesthetic preference. Custom pins offer great looks at an affordable price, and are extremely popular for uses ranging from corporate pins that are worn by executives, to pins for charitable organizations, employee recognition awards and a wide range of other uses.

A Wide Range of Options for Your Custom Pins

We offer several options for attachments, packaging and presentation, metal plating and finishes. Our attachments include a standard butterfly clutch or rubber clutch. We also offer magnetic attachments, self-adhesive backings, keychain attachments, or for uses as labels or emblems, we also offer the option to have no backing at all, so your emblem can be mounted onto any surface.

Several packaging options are also available. Our standard packaging is individual plastic bags. We offer custom printed paper backer cards in any size, on which your pins are delivered already mounted to the card, and individually sealed inside of a cellophane bag. Acrylic cases, velvet cases, and velvet pouches are also available.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pin Pricing (per pin)

100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000
3/4″ $2.45 $1.99 $1.45 $1.09 $1.03 $0.96 $0.79 $0.70 $0.62
1.00″ $2.59 $2.05 $1.53 $1.15 $1.06 $0.99 $0.82 $0.74 $0.67
1.25″ $2.67 $2.20 $1.65 $1.30 $1.19 $1.10 $0.91 $0.81 $0.72
1.50″ $2.82 $2.39 $1.92 $1.40 $1.29 $1.21 $0.96 $0.85 $0.79
1.75″ $3.09 $2.61 $2.10 $1.59 $1.45 $1.35 $1.18 $1.17 $1.04
2.00″ $3.35 $2.87 $2.35 $1.85 $1.73 $1.63 $1.39 $1.28 $1.20
Need pins larger than 2″? We can create pins up to 6″. Please Request a Quote for larger sized pins.
Quantities higher than 5,000, please Request a Quote

Upgrades & Accessories

Attachments & Backings
Packaging & Presentation
Gemstones & Colors

Metal Plating Options

Metal Plating Options

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